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i work pretty hard to stay inspired. the worst i ever feel is when i am tired and uninspired. i feel so much better when i'm seeing new things, thinking new thoughts and looking at the world with a fresh perspective. this is probably the most 21st century thing to say, but instagram (yep, that little photo-sharing app) is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. the little snapshots of everyday things in others' lives caught from their unique perspective is what keeps me coming back for more. if your feed is feeling a little dry, here are some of my favorite people to follow for pretty photos daily...

@ruerodier // for pretty parisian buildings, european travels, and good food
@sarahshermansamuel // for southern california scenery and modern interior details
@parisinfourmonths // for making you want to move to paris, end of story
@sfawnd // for coffee, bread, and calming interiors
@em_henderson // for her amazing design, quirky thoughts, and cute baby
@megangilger // for dreamy travel photos, cool handwritten type, and her cool girl style
@goforthcreative // for lots of pretty little life details and a beagle
@jengotch // for bright colors, a cute kitten, and hilarious captions
@witanddelight_ // for pretty neutral colors, cool selfies, and lots of flowers

who are your favorites? i'm always looking for new inspiring accounts to follow!

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dream home / french style down under

it's no secret that i have a real life love affair with all things french. spending four months there will do that to you. i'm currently reading the paris wife and its causing me to reminisce about france more than usual. i can't help but be drawn to homes that have that certain je ne sais quoi about them that makes them feel so very french, even if they're halfway around the world from the home of the eiffel tower, like this home. this melbourne home oozes french charm despite its location down under. my favorite features are the black chandeliers, barn doors, plethora of varying neutral colors and that beautiful ivy wall. feast your eyes...

photographed by armelle habib, styled by heather nette king
owner: angela mcdonald of willow & finn with her husband & children


tea time / productivity

my weeks start slower when i don't complete my checklist over the weekend. while getting work done isn't number one on my list of things i like to do on saturday afternoon, i always, without fail, feel so much better at the end of the day.

what is it about cleaning the floors, putting books on the shelf, or finishing the dishes that makes me feel so good? i certainly don't enjoy the task as i'm completing it. it's a lot like running -- it can be hard, it can hurt, sometimes you have to force yourself to do it. but the end product -- whether it be runner's high or that feeling when you sit on your couch knowing nothing else needs to be done -- is what we're all working toward.

i spent my sunday rearranging the living room after my parents took my desk back to their house. we simply didn't have room for the big oak desk in this apartment. this room is so oddly laid out with so many restrictions, it took me all day. then all the stuff had to be reorganized. and moving furniture reveals a large amount of dirt so sweeping was required. then i realized the breakfast dishes had never been touched which called for quality time with the sink and a sponge. i kept thinking when will it end? until it was finished (or at least, today's version of finished) when i thought man i feel great. 

whether its cleaning or paying bills or whatever else is on your list, getting things done ultimately just feels really good. at the end of it all i was able to enjoy a glass of wine, time to read and write, and some netflix to wind down and prepare for the week ahead. 

next time you feel like things are just crazy sit down (or stand up) and get something done. you'll be amazed the difference it can make. 


trending / wood countertops

I don't know if this is trending everywhere, but it's trending on my Pinterest boards...and in my mind. I spend a lot more time thinking about kitchens now that I barely have one. My current kitchen is a 10 foot wall next to our bedroom door, basically in our living room. I dream about big beautiful kitchens constantly, though I'm not much of a chef myself (grilled cheese anyone?!) My dream right now is beautiful wood countertops. I've never seen a countertop I love more. Forget granite, I want wood grain. Here's a few kitchens that have inspired me lately...

Brass and wood warm up sleek white minimalist features. The unfinished, waterfall counter edge takes the cake on this design. (via dwell)

Homey and cozy, but the white backdrop keeps this mostly traditional, very tiny kitchen from feeling to cramped. (via apartment therapy)

My favorite of them all, this kitchen has all my favorite features: a stunning rustic wood farm style table, sleek wood counters, white cabinetry, farmhouse sink, plants, exposed wood beams, and a big bright window. Even making toast in this kitchen would feel like an event. (via lonny)

I really love the way the abundance of rich, weathered wood in this kitchen balances the traditional cabinets and industrial accents. This looks like the perfect place to gather friends for fancy-looking cocktails and tapas. (via houzz)


blog update

The page design is a little different, and that's not all. As I focus more energy here, and have really considered what I want this place to be, I've realized I've outgrown my blog's title and I'm ready to re-brand.

It seems silly to grow out of my blog's name, especially considering its my name. As I continue blogging I realize I want this place to be more about the content and my vision and style than about me. While I will still post life updates and thoughts, design and lifestyle is what I am focusing on around here. This place is to inspire me and you, more than it is a story of my life.

So, cheers! to Boulevard.

What's in a name? I landed on Boulevard after a lot of thinking. Names I thought of or used in the past have mostly been less thought out. That's not to say that months of planning needs to, or did, go into choosing a name, but some time was spent on it. This meaning behind this name is two-fold. This blog is a journey. I am constantly discovering new things and growing, and this blog is along for the ride. A path, a road...a boulevard. This blog is also a place of inspiration and to share beauty. My time in France really shaped me as a person, and the love of Paris leaks into all corners of my life. The French language is beautiful, and I wanted my blog's name to pay homage to a place and a language that constantly reminds me to seek out the beauty and to follow my dreams in life.

Please note: The URL, and social media names will remain the same until this Friday evening. I will post again then to let y'all know about those changes.

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get the look

I was so taken by this house tour and how creatively this apartment was styled. With such a big open space and old brick walls, I can imagine it would be difficult to know where to start. This space mixes old and new, multiple textures, and maintains minimalism with perfect balance. Here's how to recreate this living room style...

inspiration via apartment therapy

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