I finally have my own desk in our house! It has been two years since I've had a desk that is completely my own, and at our last apartment, didn't have one at all. It's a simple thing, but having a dedicated place to work is a total game-changer for me. I know that when I sit down at my desk, it's time to get stuff done (no Nashville marathons while sitting in a Staples desk chair).

In the process of moving in, acquiring furniture, and doing some living room carpet cleaning, we've let the office/guest room become a catch-all for all our stuff. While this room is meant to be utilized for storing most of our belongings, due to its size, right now, it's just a mess. My main goal this weekend is get the room in order. This means going through all my junk, tossing stuff, rearranging the furniture, and organizing our belongings. I really can't wait. After that, I get to style my little corner (the guest bed will wait, and B gets total control over his corner, of course.

In the meantime, here are some inspirational images that will keep me motivated!

Love this clean & bright space filled with plants and pretty things pinned to the wall...


A big task lamp and a stack of magazines...


The shelves for art above a string for clipping up inspirational pictures is brilliant...


Or a single shelf above the desk, with framed prints on the adjacent wall...


Finally, the ultimate inspiration board inspiration (plus fresh flowers on the desk, of course)...




We all aim to have a conversation starter in our homes whether it's an antique piece of furniture or the perfect coffee table book. Designer Wendy Haworth has the ultimate conversation starter -- Marilyn Monroe once lived in her building, and it's rumored that Haworth's unit is the one that belonged to the blonde actress. That's certainly a story to tell. Add to that the bright open space with beautiful architectural detail, Haworth found the perfect place to fill with her unique style. "I don't really 'decorate' so much as collect -- or acquire -- then arrange," she says of her approach to styling her home. She's clearly mastered the art of eclectic decorating, and not a corner of this home is spared of her beautiful and interesting styling. Be sure to click over to One Kings Lane for more photos, the full story on her West Hollywood apartment, and Haworth's design tips!

Source: One Kings Lane
Designer: Wendy Haworth
Photographs: Nicole LaMotte



Hi friends! I hope you had a lovely week. Mine was long. Not bad, but it felt like it dragged on forever. Probably because I was so looking forward to our weekend trip to the beach! Tomorrow we're heading out to the Oregon coast, and spending two nights in a little cottage just steps from the beach. Our friends will be joining us the first night, which will be fun, and I'd like to drive a little south and see Cape Kiwanda. It looks beautiful. I'll be sure to share pictures of our trip next week. (image via unsplash)

I'm taking Monday off in observance of Memorial Day. Take a moment this weekend to remember the brave men and women who have fought and given their lives and hearts to protect our freedoms. It's so easy to forget how lucky we are, but we truly are blessed to be a part of this great country.

Have a lovely holiday weekend friends. Here are some great things from around the web...

+ More than anything, I appreciate an honest blogger. Loved Emily's post about annoying ugly things she avoids in her house.

+ The best before/after I've seen all week. Amber's work is just plain amazing.

+ Motivation read: finding personal discipline. (This is something I'm working on, I've never been very disciplined.)

+ I recently discovered this pretty DIY blog (I think I'm late to the party though).

+ Wonderful life advice from famous actresses.

+ This book looks amazing.

Bon weekend!



I'm always dreaming of Paris, but these spring days make me pine for the City of Light more than usual. I was so lucky to spend four lovely months living in Paris during college, but it has felt so terribly out of reach ever since. I love travel, and exploring new places, but it's expensive and takes time, and I don't have either of those resources these days. So, I thought I'd start a series on the blog to virtually explore the list of places I want to see.

Today, we'll start with Paris, no explanation needed.

STAY // Charming Airbnb apartment

I'll stay in the Marais, my favorite Paris neighborhood and opt for an apartment for an authentic experience. In college, my school was in the Marais, and my apartment not far away. I loved strolling around this neighborhood, soaking up its history, and peeking in all the cute shops. Must-haves for my Paris apartment: herringbone wood floors, ornate moldings and a little balcony. This spot checks all those boxes, but here are a few others that caught my eye as well: one, two, three.

EAT // Le Sévero

Fancy restaurants are truly just not my thing, and in Paris what I really want is a delicious steak frites. Known as a wine bar (and yes, they have an enormous wine list), Le Sévero excels at the steak frites. The building and decor are unassuming, which is just fine with me. (image via)

DRINK // Chez Nous

Finding a cool local bar is always a great way to melt into the local culture, and end an evening when traveling. In Paris, the only thing I want to be drinking is French wine. Chez Nous looks like the perfect blend of modern and traditional Parisian bar a vin, (wine bar) located on Rue Dauphine. A late-night runner up is Candelaria, a taqueria with a bar tucked back behind. (image via)

SHOP // Merci

I am so upset that I did not know about this store when I was in Paris before. The ultimate concept store filled with home goods and fashion, located in the Marais, this store is truly a dream source for my own house. It's at the top of my list for my next visit to Paris. (image via)

EXPLORE // Les Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

The list of things I still haven't done in Paris (and would like to do again) is longer than both my arms, but exploring more of Paris' parks is right up at the top. Les Parc des Buttes-Chaumont looks like a perfectly idyllic escape from the city. (image via)

If you've been to Paris, I'd love to hear your favorite places to stay, eat, drink, shop & explore. I'm always keeping a running list of spots to try in cities around the world. Where would you go if you were in Paris today? What cities are on your travel list?

{top image via paris in four months}



"Learn to do common things uncommonly well."
- George Washington

image via instagram // @sycamorestreetpress


Bon Weekend!

It's terribly cliche these days, but I'm tired. Not that I was particularly busy this week, but something about it (the return of grey weather? pet issues? an overall sense of being behind?) just wore me out. Last night, lying on the couch watching Friends on Netflix, B actually hit pause and asked if I was okay. Ladies, you know you've gotta be looking pretty rough for a man to realize that maybe something is wrong. I'm okay, I had just hit a wall. (That wall, by the way, was discovering Maya had used my favorite travel bag -- purchased in Paris, can't be replaced -- as her litter box. Yes, I cried.)

Despite all of this, or maybe because of it, I'm looking forward to a really great weekend with family. Tonight I'm driving north to my parents' house, and my sister and I are taking them to see the Red Sox play tomorrow night! The four of us haven't all been together since Christmas, and this will be our first baseball game as a family, too. I really can't wait :)

I hope you have fun and relaxing plans this weekend. I'm mixing up this week's links with 5 home tours I think you should check out...

+ Fashion blogger Jayne Min's sleek Los Angeles loft.

+ A Southern family's Morroccan-style home in Florida. (image above)

+ A Malibu Colony beach escape.

+ Pennsylvania schoolhouse, remodeled.

+ The Everygirl co-founders' Chicago home + office.

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