A look back at February, in photos...

A hike at Cape Horn.

Starting six months of PowerSheets.

Some last cozy moments in our tiny apartment.

The first cherry blossoms.

Unpacking and it-works-for-now decorating.

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It's March! Which means it's almost spring! Around these parts, it means we're already getting spring weather...but it's all just a tease and the grey skies and drizzle will return until June. I'm soaking it up now, and thinking I might need to introduce a little spring into my home instead. Pink is the quintessential spring color, and I think it makes the perfect bright & modern accent for any home. It's a difficult color to master though, so I'm sharing my favorite tips on She's Charming today for using it no matter what your style is. Click here for lots of pink inspiration!

I'd love to hear if you're brave enough to use pink in your home!

image source: kate marker interiors



image via unsplash

I was tired this week. Really, really tired. I'm making a pact with myself to, starting this weekend, spend more time praying and breathing and doing things that bring me peace, rather than stress. (I might even go pick up some paints today!) My parents are on a cruise right now, and I could not be more jealous of the sun & sand they are experiencing. It's almost March, which means it's almost spring, and I am so ready for it! Spring has always been my favorite season, as it refreshes and brings new life (also, my birthday).

I've rounded up some fun reads from around the web today. Grab some coffee and enjoy :) Have a lovely weekend, mes amis!

+ The truth about rugs, as told by Emily Henderson (listen to her!)

+ A cute shop few blocks from my house that I must make a trip to.

+ Real talk on running a business and living out of a suitcase. Kate Arends knows best.

+ Really want these sunglasses. (Now searching for cheap knock-offs.)

+ Some amazing budget-friendly home items!

+ Not all twenty-somethings have to be the same.

+ A Dot & Bo giveaway on La La Lovely!



In a month or two I'm going to try my first ever capsule wardrobe. I'm still trying to work out the timeline and all the other details, but right now I'm started with the basics: determining my style.

I think finding your style only comes with trying things. A couple weeks of browsing Pinterest won't reveal my personal style that I'll be wearing for the next decade. However, having a starting point will be really helpful. With my first capsule wardrobe, I expect to learn a lot. A minimal wardrobe will likely help to reveal more of my personal style, and with that, I will likely start very simple and basic from the beginning, making it easier to adjust in future wardrobes.

Here are a few tools I'm using right now to plan for my capsule wardrobe.

+ Style books. I've never been really into fashion, only really obsessed with clothes. There is a difference. So my shelves are not stacked high with couture history books. Two books that I've been loving are Paris Street Style and How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are. The first was very popular in 2013/14 and I've been slowly working through it for several months now. It's a great starting point, especially because the Parisian mindset about fashion is about quality over quantity, something I'm trying to learn. How To Be Parisian isn't solely a style book, but a guide to a Parisian lifestyle, but there is some great information on the Parisian look. If you couldn't tell, I'm really into the Parisian look. Any other books out there I should look at?

+ Pinterest. Of course. I've created a few different style boards to help differentiate between work wear, overall style inspiration, and information on others' capsule wardrobes. My approach is to pin anything that I really love, then to go back and look at my boards. There's usually a pattern there.

+ Blogs. Two of my favorites are Un-Fancy and Into Mind. Unfancy is solely about capsule wardrobes (and Caroline is so fun to read). Into Mind is about an overall minimal approach to life with a wealth of information about capsule wardrobes as well. Reading My Tea Leaves is another inspiration for minimal living, with a great series on building a minimal wardrobe.

+ Un-Fancy free wardrobe planner. I haven't started on this yet, but can already tell it will be a great wardrobe planner when I actually sit down with all my inspiration and get to work. Plus, it's free.

Any other wonderful resources on capsule/minimal wardrobes? I'd love to hear!



I'm sure that I've pinned this very bathroom a hundred times. Every time I see it, I fall in love with it all over again. So, when I came back across this house in my interweb browsing, I knew I had to finally share the whole space here so y'all could drool all over it with me. Yes, this house is utter perfection. Looking through the photos, with no context, you'd be convinced this home is tucked somewhere in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, with a casual view of the Eiffel Tower, when in fact it is this side of the sea, in New York City's West Village neighborhood.

From the chandeliers, to the chevron wood floors, the minimal gallery walls and the plush rugs, every bit of this home will have you swooning. It seems to me that life would be just perfect living here (considering an actual human lives in this house, it probably is not perfect, but I love to fantasize about these things.) Also, I very much would like to replace my fireplace, with hers. With that, here's the rest of the photos. Enjoy. Swoon. Fall in love...

All images by Brittany Ambridge. Story from Domino.



Recently, I've become very interested in, no totally obsessed with, painting. I'm really dying to try my hand at it (pun not intended!) sometime very soon. The only thing holding me back is that I don't know the first thing about painting. I have not touched a paintbrush since middle school art. Growing up I've always viewed myself as not-an-artist. I'm a very logical, reasonable, and analytical thinker, its true, although recently, I've started to understand that everyone is an artist in some way, and there's no reason I should limit myself from trying something based on these preconceived notions. So, with absolutely no formal training, and very minimal information, pretty soon here I'll be investing in some paints and paper (or canvases? What kind of brushes? I'm clueless, clearly) and creating something. I don't know if it will be good or bad. That doesn't really matter.

Anyway, I've been looking to other artists for inspiration lately. With no real place to start, and no intention of selling anything I make, I'll be emulating (read: copying) these artists styles, techniques and subjects in an effort to teach myself to do something I've never done before, but view as such a beautiful form of art. Here are a few favorites I've recently found...

David Lloyd:

Belinda Marshall:

Emily Rickard:

Malissa Ryder:

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