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we don't get too many white christmases in the pacific northwest, but lately i've been dreaming in soft greys and whites with hints of green and brown. one can dream, right?

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small space tip #2 // holiday decorating

i want to share a little bit of insight into holiday decorating for my fellow small space dwellers. i truly love the holiday season, and all that it means. i've always been in love with christmas, and find with each passing year that as my faith grows, so does the meaning of christmas to me. decorating for the holiday has less to do with cute festive things, but as reminders of the story of christ and my family. i love that december gives us an excuse to surround ourselves with little items that remind us of the joy to be found in this celebration. decorating can feel overwhelming in a tight space, so here are a few things i like to remember when setting out my red & green...

1 // smaller is better. (i'm afraid i've already confused any texans who might read this ;) forget the large signs and too-big tree. little things that can simply be added in with your other decor is best. smaller also applies to quantity. too many items feels cluttered and you stop seeing each individual item with meaning. keep the items small in size and number.

2 // sentimental over mass-produced. items that remind you of family or christmas past is ideal. i don't feel like i'm filling my apartment with stuff when there's a story to tell behind it. my mom passed along a few things to me including some of my old christmas ornaments and a set of vintage santa mugs that belonged to my great-grandmother. i also have a little nutcracker doll my mom bought me when we saw the nutcracker in seattle in elementary school. when i see this items i think about their story or family members and it brings me so much more joy.

3 // fake is okay. i love real trees. love. but they're messy. even if you can get one of those small table top trees, they shed and need watering. if you live in especially tight quarters like myself, that little extra mess will get to be too much. until i have a little extra space to sweep around a tree, we have an inexpensive pre-lit fake tree from target that serves us well, saves us money, and keeps our apartment clean.

4 // bring in festive scents. aside from the little bit of coffee table real estate a candle takes up, the true magic in a scented candle lies in its scent. festive scents make a big impact in your space while taking up no room at all. pick a candle in any of your favorite holiday scents (a favorite of mine are spruce or fir scents to make up for that fake tree) and keep it lit as often as possible. even if you don't have a single stocking or glittery ornament in sight, it will immediately bring that christmas spirit alive.

5 // celebrate. this isn't so much a decorating tip, but a reminder to enjoy that space. soak it up while you have the chance. make spiked hot chocolate and watch a christmas movie, or put on some bing crosby and wrap gifts by the scent of that candle. if you don't truly enjoy the festive decor while its out, then there's really no reason to have it in the first place! really enjoy the moments of christmas spirit while you can -- it's truly a magical time.


dream home // kirsten dunst's soho rental

i usually don't share celebrity homes here (too aspirational) but i am so in love with the style of this space. as long as we all take a quick moment to remind ourselves that we cannot recreate this as miss dunst doesn't plan on sharing her bank account with us anytime soon, we can appreciate it for what it is and let it inspire us too.
i am totally smitten with the mix of rustic details and traditional style. despite the style, which tends to appear cozy or dark, this apartment remains open and airy. perfect to put that million dollar view on display. it's available to rent for just $12,500 a month if anyone is interested...just remember to invite me over.


life lately

oh friends. it was definitely not a plan of mine to disappear for two weeks. to be completely honest, i have been overwhelmed between the thanksgiving holiday, wrapping up this quarter of school, and being completely swamped at work. this is my last week of class for the quarter and i'm looking forward to the break. working forty hours plus taking classes is incredibly difficult, and i'm definitely struggling to find the balance. hopefully this break will give me time to rethink a lot of things: what's important, how to best spend my time, and what my goals are. this little space is unfortunately what takes the back burner during those times. don't worry, i'm not gone forever, i'm just unsure what this space is to me right now. i'll be working toward posting three times per week as usual.

i thought after this break i'd share some photographs of my life lately. i love snapping up the most simple moments... {an amazing new candle that i've been burning constantly}

{our little succulents are still alive!}

{vanilla lattes to get me through hours of drafting and project making}

{thanksgiving flowers}

{my first lattice top apple pie...actually my first ever pie. a success!}

{with my favorite guy at our portland thanksgiving, before heading up to washington for friday thanksgiving with my family. my heart was so full that weekend.}

{the santa mugs are out.}

{i spent this past friday night setting out christmas decorations. we don't have much space, so i got a little creative with some.

{what is a christmas tree without an eiffel tower to top it?}


bon weekend!

this week flew by, i can't believe its already friday! i feel like we skipped a day somewhere in the middle because i've been non-stop busy at work this week, catching up on my interior design project and trying to keep up with everything else. i'm holding it together pretty well, but do plan to devote my entire saturday to working on my project. before that though, i plan on relaxing with happy hour this evening and some quality time with B.

i'm looking forward to some mild rainy weather this weekend to cozy up at home. then it's back to the grind until wednesday evening...i can't wait for thanksgiving next week! i hope you all have a lovely weekend.

here's a few things i could help but share...

// i loved wild by cheryl strayed, and naturally cannot wait for the movie. i enjoyed this vanity fair interview and this portland monthly article.

// i'm about two seconds away from buying these.

// thanks to this photo and this photo i am dying to get into a salon this weekend to chop my hair. dying.

// the best day trips from paris (for, you know, all the time i spend in paris these days...le sigh)

// one of my favorite humans of new york stories yet. reminds me to tell my parents how much i appreciate them.

// office safety tips (hilarious).

xo, stacy

in case you missed it... a bright rustic kitchen look & a wintry mood board.


wish i was wearing // cold weather comfort

it's cold here, and that means one thing: comfort. okay, to be honest, i'm always about comfort when it comes to clothes, but especially when the temperatures drop. it's thirty degrees out, and that means soft fabrics and layering. comfort doesn't mean sacrificing style though, and i'm all about updated basics, like leather sneakers, and well-fitting sweatshirts. here's a look that i'm aiming for these days...

sweatshirt // flannel // beanie // jeans // sneakers

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