bring it home // warm + collected

is there anything better than a home that just looks like it was naturally collected over time? as much as i love a home that looks intentionally well put together, i have a major soft spot for one that looks like it happened naturally. this melbourne home is one of those, and i just had to attempt to recreate the look...as i window-shopped, though, i found that this home must have been a naturally occurring process with pieces from the owner's life and travels. it was nearly impossible to replicate anything, so instead i just gathered pieces together that are mismatched, fun, and cozy in all the right ways. layering color and texture with lots of natural elements is the perfect way to bring this look home.
be sure to head over to the design files to read all about this home and the story behind it.

the "bring it home" series was formally called "get the look".


wish i was wearing... fall office style

sweater // shirt // pants // lip butter // necklace // shoes // bag

i've been thinking a lot about work wear lately... like, it's all i've been thinking about. this is the first time i've worked in any sort of office environment where dress code matters. unfortunately, our dress code is sort of unspoken, so i'm figuring it out as i go. i was able to get by in the summer, but fall brings a whole new set of rules and constraints. pacific northwest ladies, you know what i'm talking about -- rain. most women's office wear, especially when it comes to shoes, is so impractical about weather. sorry, i'm not about to wear patent pumps in the rain. next!

i think my go-to this fall is a pair of oxfords (i actually just ordered the ones above...fingers crossed!) they look nice, can be dressed down on weekends, and the best part -- they're flat. paired with slim pants, sweaters, and a few accessories, like a shiny statement necklace, to elevate the look, i think this might be a recurring look from now on. last year i started experimenting with lip color, so you'll find me with berry-toned lips quite often this fall. i think its such a beautiful, flattering color!

any tips for dressing for work and weather? leave them in the comments!


small space / indoor plants

i wouldn't call myself a "plant person" or anything of the sort, but lately, i've been absolutely dying to have some green around our apartment! i love having fresh flowers on the table, but they don't last long, and the apartment is left looking so dead when they fade away. so, although i have no experience with it at all, i'm on the hunt for a few pots of green to liven up the space, especially as we move toward winter and our outdoor time becomes limited.

the main problem i face here is low light. as in, the sun indirectly shines through our living room windows for about 2 hours each day. also, living up north means very short days in the depths of winter, and likely even less light. i need some hardy plants, for sure. so i've scoured the internet for every piece of advice i could find, found myself in the depths of the apartment therapy rabbit hole, and have emerged with some ideas to bring with me to the nursery in the next few weeks to get our first houseplant! while i have little room to be picky about the plants, considering my light conditions, i still require that they look cool and pretty and not like something i'd find in the waiting room at the dentist. here's some of my favorites...

for more indoor plant reading, here's some articles i found super helpful...

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dream home // chicago designers' loft

today's dream home is a cozy, chicago loft with all my favorite features: exposed brick walls, big windows, wood floors, and lots of room. i can't help but be drawn to big open floor plans as i struggle to deal with a tiny awkward layout in our own apartment. this apartment is home to nicole mcquade and her husband, who are both graphic designers at their own company, mcquade inc. take a look at these photos, then click back over to the everygirl to see every quirky, vintage detail and read about how their space came together.

found on: the everygirl
photographed by: kina wicks


schoolhouse rocks

i love schoolhouse electric. i discovered the company sometime last year, and now that i live in portland, where they are based, i love them more. sadly, i haven't made it yet to their store (shame on me!), but you bet i was giddy with excitement when i found out that they released their new line of fall products this week. here's my favorite picks from their shop right now...can i have it all?

left to right, from top // one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine


mood board // two

with fall upon us i'm getting in the spirit with layers of deep, rich blues, greens, and browns as my inspiration.
clockwise, from top left: one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

as always, if you know the source of a photo linked back to pinterest, please let me know! i'd love to give the original source the credit they deserve.

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