Oh, I am so ready for this weekend. This was one of those "working for the weekend" weeks, even though I know we're not really supposed to think like that. I've had a lot of ideas stewing around in my mind and I'm ready to give them some more time this weekend. Why is it that I get my best creative ideas when I'm stuck at work? This weekend, I'm making a point to write or paint or take photos. I just (finally, I know) started reading Gone Girl so there will be a lot of that happening too. It's a take it easy, feed my soul, kind of weekend. (And maybe, also, some spring cleaning too!)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Here's a few good reads...

+ The only resource you'll ever need for online fabric shops.

+ The art of living.

+ Love these quote desktop wallpapers.

+ How to plan a cross-country move. (This post is so helpful and so thorough!)

+ On losing your voice.

+ Five worthwhile blog investments.

+ I'd love to be in Paris for this. (I'd just love to be in Paris, actually.)

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Just some pretty for you today. Because, sometimes, that's all we really want. Here's a few inspiring, pretty pictures I've pinned recently. Follow along with me on Pinterest, too!

Pretty French typography. (pin)

Shades of green on one of my favorite northwest plants: the fern. (pin)

Beautiful windows, beautiful view. I'd like to set up a chair right here for a few hours. (pin)

Always entranced by Moroccan tile. (pin)



This is not a new thing at all (which is why this is not a "Trending" post), but I've become increasingly obsessed with antlers and old animal skulls as decor. As for my home, I'd like to scale it down and accessorize with a set of antlers or a smaller skull (sounds creepy when you say it out loud, though, doesn't it?) Maybe it has to do with being raised in a family that likes and appreciates guns and hunting, but it's a beautiful natural statement for the wall. I know this is not everyone's favorite thing, and I completely understand those who aren't fans, but I'm obsessed.

Antlers and faux (often painted) deer heads have been increasingly popular in the last one or two years, and recently it's taken a bit of a turn from the "traditional".  Many are opting for the more natural, a little bit Southwestern, styles and shapes. I love the look of antelope horns and old, worn game skulls the best. Here are some amazing rooms that have used horns, antlers and skulls to decorate in a variety of styles, proving that it can be a versatile accessory.



Y'all know I love a good celebrity home tour, right? Obviously, many of these celebrities don't have a huge hand in decorating their homes, and let the professionals do what they do best. That's why I love them so much -- they're aspirational, sure, but inspiring as well. So many of these places are just plain works of art, inspiring us all to up our game, even on a lower budget. Jessica Alba's 2-story LA guest house is no exception. This home was Alba's first home purchase, and has recently been converted into a vacation rental with a total design overhaul. Alba hired Consort Design (LA) to redo the space. Here we go...

I love the bold use of color throughout the house. Those walls are the most beautiful shade of bright powder blue, and combined with red makes such a statement. I also love the mix of natural and modern textures (the rustic fireplace against a glass coffee table for instance). That giant horse print is stunning, too.

I could spend too many hours in this velvet chair reading...

A shiny black built-in bookcase, is made more beautiful with intricate molding and details. (Perfect for all the reading I'll do in that chair above ;)

Another giant animal print! Oh this seating area just steals my heart between the giant zebra (my favorite animal) and those stunning cowhide chairs in modern shapes.

This bedroom is my favorite room by far. The antelope horns, perfect pillows, textured bed, wingback chair and a Serge Mouille fixture to top it all off. it's really the perfect combination of refined, dramatic, and calming.

And then there's this porch, just begging for ice cold glasses of white wine to be drunk while staring at the LA skyline. Yes, this is certainly quite the vacation home. Can you even believe Jessica has another home she'd rather live in?

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Hello, hello! Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week. I finished up classes for the quarter yesterday, and am looking forward to a week with no homework. This weekend will be spent with B's family as his dad & brother are in town for their oldest brother's birthday. I'm really looking forward to it. Not much else to say today (no news can be good news, right?) so I'll leave you with some internet finds...

Ever wondered about the exercise habits of the past? Here's a peek into the Titanic's gym.

+ The best makeup brushes.

+ On the other hand, no makeup for a year.

+ I love everything Emily did with this house. (image above)

+ Cutest ever.

+ Apps and tricks for designers. (Or anyone.)

+ I can't stop staring at these beautiful paintings.

+ Mastering cream puffs is on my to do list. I always give up on the cream and fill then with Redi-whip ;)

Bon weekend!

& In case you missed it... Our living room inspiration, Copper + blush, and 10 best copper DIY projects.



Hi everyone! Sorry for the quiet yesterday, I was really just not feeling creative or energized, and I'm trying to learn to let myself breathe. (Those who know me know that can be very difficult for me, as I just want to go go go.)

As I was hunting around for pretty images for Tuesday's post, I came across so many great copper DIY projects. I'm truly obsessed with copper right now for its unique qualities of being metallic, warm, and pinkish -- it's like the poor gal's rose gold ;) For all the DIY projects I've pinned, I've made maybe one of them. (My one copper-related DIY is painting a piggy bank with copper spray paint.) I have great hopes that in our new house I'll actually put these ideas to work and create some one-of-a-kind objects. Little projects can be the best way to add a little shine to your home without breaking your budget. Here are some of the best copper DIYs from around the web!

Copper Clothing Rack [sfgirlbybay]

Vintage Copper Letters DIY [A Beautiful Mess]

Tripod Floor Lamp [Sarah M. Dorsey Designs]

Click through for the rest!

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